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For ages 6 weeks through 5 years.

• Progressive curriculum
• Internet monitoring
• Spanish and baby signing
• 7:30am - 5:30pm

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Great Adventures In Learning. 

Our Philosophy.
Take A Hike!

At Happy Campers Academy (HCA), we understand that a child’s mind is as wide open as the great outdoors. That’s why we are committed to instilling in children a love for learning that will continue throughout their days at HCA, throughout their academic career—throughout their great adventure called life. 
We believe that children learn best when the education process is active and student-centered, as opposed to passive and teacher-centered. The HCA philosophy of education centers around “discovery-based learning,” which encourages children to learn by doing. 
Our Teachers are very passionate about your child's growth and development. We strive to work closely with you for the benefit of your child. We work to be an extension of your family.
Every day is a new adventure at Happy Campers Academy!
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The HCA Curriculum.
Helping Your Child Branch Out In The World.
A Tulsa Child Care Center HCA’s progressive curriculum is carefully balanced with developmentally appropriate instruction and activities for infants, toddlers, two-year-olds, three-year-olds, and pre-kindergarten. Our facility has been completely remodeled in order to provide a sparkling clean, safe, home-like atmosphere that offers a wide range of activities and learning opportunities. 

Science, math, art, music, reading, dramatic play, and computer are among the activities your child will explore. Our classrooms features puzzles, blocks, balls, and all types of games to help them develop large and small motor skills. HCA also features a brand new playground with state-of-the-art equipment—where your child can get some serious playtime. 
Internet Monitoring.
Watch Your Child Like A Hawk
During the day, we know you’ll miss your little camper. That’s why HCA is proud to offer the latest innovation in child care: Internet monitoring. 
Via a closed-circuit Internet connection, you can monitor your child at any time during the school day. Cameras are located throughout the facility to enable you to monitor your child in their classroom and on the playground—everywhere but the bathroom. Included as part of tuition, this service is restricted to parents and guardians of HCA students, who must use a passcode to gain access. 
A Tulsa Childcare Center
Teachers and Staff.
Blazing The Trail.
A Tulsa Day Care Center The mission of the faculty and staff of HCA is to create the premier child-care facility in Tulsa. We are dedicated to providing each child a positive, enriching environment in which to grow and learn—emotionally, socially, and academically. 
Every member of the HCA staff recognizes the honor and privilege of caring for your little camper. Without question, children are the most beautiful and valuable little creatures on the planet, and we will spare no effort in making them feel that way—every minute of every day.
In an effort to achieve our goals, teacher-student ratios at HCA are lower than those of the average day-care facility in Tulsa. In addition to extensive experience and training in early childhood education, members of the staff have CPR certification.
Happy Camper Academy
1819 E. 15th St.
Tulsa, OK 74104
918-584-2779 (58-HAPPY)
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The only Tulsa preschool / daycare center offering online Tulsa childcare monitoring with internet camera surveillance.

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